Rhythmic unplugged evening

In line with The Sooriya Village’s vision of bridging the space between true artistry and the general public, ‘Dhwani’ a rhythmic unplugged evening by talented duo Shashtrapati Thilini Rodrigo Yadev and Ridma Weerawardena accompanied by the extremely talented music director Vadya Nipun Peshala Manoj who will be performing live at The Sooriya Village on November 26 from 7 pm.

Come be wowed on the night, as the sun goes down and fairy lights twinkle while rhythmic Indian classical music is heard throughout The Sooriya Village gardens.

Shashtrapati Thilini Rodrigo Yadev is a North Indian Classical Vocalist, professional voice trainer exponent of Rabindra Sangeet. She is the head of the Nadya Music Academy and had worked as a visiting lecturer at the University of Visual and Performing Arts. She has completed her graduate degree B.Music in Indira Kala V.V. Chhatisgarh and Master’s Degree M.mus in University of Vishwa Bharti Santiniketan. She is also a classical vocalist in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Started learning music under Visharad Nanda Malini and groomed her classical vocal skills by Visharad Vijith Amarasinghe, she learned Hindustani Classical Vocal in India under Dr. Sunita Bhale and also under Prof. Dilip Karmoka.

Ridma Weerawardena is an aspiring young singer and a recording artist,recognized mostly for his Indian Classical style of singing. He has seven originals to his discography, including “Sandawathiye”, “Nadagam Geeya” and “Kuweni” that have managed to create a buzz in the local music industry. Ridma released his first ever music video in September 2017 for his song “Soya Awa” which has been very well received for its uniqueness and creativity. He has had North Indian Classical vocal training under Mr. Heshan Gamage and is a former student of “Abhina Performing Arts Academy”. Ridma, as an up and coming artist has been privileged to perform with the famous local live band “Wayo” at some of their concerts. Having performed at several gigs and functions in both Sri Lanka and India, he recently had the privilege of performing at the YESfm Homegrown Awards 2017. He was in fact one of the artists to perform at the inauguration of “Sooriya Village” in September 2016.

Vadya Nipun Peshala Manoj started learning Tabla under Vadya Nipun P.V.Nanda Siri in Sri Lanka and further developed his skills in India under Ustad Ilmas Hussein Khan in Lucknow Gharana in Bhathkhande V.V. He has won various competition in field of Tabla in India and performed with famous dancers like Arjun Mishra and many more in India as well as various other countries. He did his Bachelor Degree B.mus and Masters Degree in Performing Arts from Bhathkande V.V. Lucknow. Currently he is a lecture at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Sri Lanka and also he’s a popular Singer and a TV personnel as well as the music composer for many commercially successful music videos in the country.